Brand New Snox Wheel for AGV Technology


Mecanum Wheel

As part of the Snox Show-Motion implementation program the brand new Snox Wheel is now available for the entertainment industry through Dynamic Structures & RoboCoaster. This next generation design truly pushes the boundaries of durable cutting edge wheel technology.

Whilst not immediately apparent, the combination of two or more Snox Wheels on a common drive platform can give instantaneous changes of direction and revolutionary motion dynamics when used with Snox Show-Motion controllers. The result is an unprecedented level of control and sophistication far beyond the average person's expectations of Automated Guided Vehicle or ride vehicle technology.

Key benefits such as high speeds, smooth and fluid control as well as a toolbox of set piece show effects (such as skids, spins, sympathetic slides and sideways motion) can all be seamlessly added together in perfect synchronization with external show effects and cues.

Great care has been given to the reliability and maintainability of the system, with rapid tire replacement capabilities that are unprecedented for this type of technology.

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