Large Theme Park Solutions


The RoboCoaster team have a range of solutions for parks requiring high capacities (1200 to 2000 Guests per hour). From outright thrill rides, high tech dark rides, next generation motion theatres, and advanced water rides, the RoboCoaster team has the answer.

AGV - RV solution
Advanced Dark Ride solution consisting of Multiple Trackless programmable ride vehicles with integrated motion bases and SHOWmotion™ technology

RoboCoaster G2
RCX RoboCoasters - Advanced Dark Ride consisting of a fleet of 4 seater manipulators operating on recirculating track system

Robocoaster G3
RCX RoboCoasters - 4 seater thrill rides running as 3 or 4 robot trains on high speed coaster track

Motion Theatre
Next generation motion theatre, generating unbelievably realistic impression of moving into or flying over scenes.

HSA Water ride
Advanced high speed amphibian water ride. High capacity vehicle with dramatic capability on water, and off road capability.

Make your next attraction a RoboCoaster solution...