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Simworx are a leading supplier of 3D and 4D immersive audio/visual attractions with a superb global reach including an impressive international support network. Having industry leading experience and systems integration capability, Simworx provide an unsurpassed audio/visual show solution effectiveness and skill for the next generation of RoboCoaster products, all of which is operated out of a dedicated 'state of the art' facility in the UK.


Dynamic Structures Ltd Logo

RoboCoaster and DSL are key strategic partners, with DSL using RoboCoaster IP and technologies. The relationship generates a valuable manufacturing capability to undertake large scale projects worldwide.


University of Stuttgart ISW and Fraunhofer IPA Logo

As RoboCoaster's key research partner specialising in development and engineering in state of the art controls and mechatronics, the University of Stuttgart ISW and Fraunhofer IPA are actively involved in the development of IP and solutions with RoboCoaster.


Their expertise and facilities (particularly in the fields of structural robotics and controls applied to the leisure sector, and interactive safety technologies) enable RoboCoaster to maintain a leading position in innovation, research and development.



As one of Europe's leading developers and manufacturers of advanced Automatically Guided Vehicles, SNOX Engineering Group BV are at the cutting edge of AGV navigation and motion control.

RoboCoaster and SNOX have developed a new generation of ride vehicle capability, combined with unsurpassed performance and value. The core AGV technology will be fully integrated into client solutions through the ride engineering division of Dynamic Structures Ltd.


Europe No.1 manufacturer of industrial robots and motion control systems, KUKA Roboter GmbH is the exclusive choice of robotic sub-systems for RoboCoaster.

KUKA's global network of service operations fully supports the RoboCoaster team with training and service operations.



Altec Integrated Solutions Ltd work closely with both Robocoaster and Dynamic Structures to provide fully integrated electrical and ride control technologies. Possessing extensive experience in the areas of industrial automation, machine design, servo hydraulics, instrumentation and ride controls, Altec are a Key Partner in delivering first class solutions to the Entertainment Industry.


Gibbs Technologies Ltd Logo Gibbs Technologies Ltd have been developing amphibian technology for decades, and in their current evolution have achieved unheard of amphibian performance. Now being made available to the amusement and leisure sector for the first time, Gibbs HSA technology promises to revolutionise the concept of amphibious water ride attractions.


Always striving...

Well known for the development of the worlds only passenger carrying industrial robots, RoboCoaster is also active in many other fields, bringing advanced industrial technologies and services into the entertainment sector.

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