Dec 2000 RoboCoaster Ltd founded
Dec 2001 Formal development partnership with KUKA Roboter for RoboCoaster project - RoboCoaster development (G1) begins
  RoboCoaster passes TUV certification for passenger operations and a new ride technology is born
  First ten G1 RoboCoasters sold to Legoland Billund, DK
  RoboCoaster partners with Dynamic Structures Ltd to develop and integrate large format RoboCoaster solutions
  Development of second generation RoboCoaster (G2) begins
Dec 2005 RoboCoaster partner sales to date pass �10 Million (US$ 14.7 Million)
  RoboCoaster partners with University Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IPA to develop new technologies
Jul 2006 50th G2 RoboCoaster sold to major US client
Dec 2006 RoboCoaster partners sales to date pass � 30 Million (US$ 42.5 Million)
Feb 2007 RoboCoaster partners with SNOX Engineering Group BV, to develop �state of the art� autonomous ride vehicle technology
Mar 2007 Advanced AGV rides and third generation RoboCoaster (G3) begins consecutively
  Dynamic Structures Ltd and RoboCoaster reach 10yr development and sales agreement, and take RoboCoaster business and expanded attractions portfolio to global market
Oct 2007 RoboCoaster reaches agreement with Gibbs Engineering Ltd, to take high speed amphibian technology into the amusements and park rides sector
June 2010 First RoboCoaster G2 attraction begins passenger carrying operations
May 2012 RoboCoaster partners sales to date pass €60 million (US $80 million)
June 2012 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in Robotics and Automation (IERA) awarded to RoboCoaster founders by IEEE and IFR for pioneering developments in passenger carrying robotics
Jan 2013 Total passengers carried by RoboCoasters to date passes 60 million
Jun 2013 Simworx Ltd. And RoboCoaster reach development and sales agreement, taking next generation of integrated Audio/Visual systems and Advanced Dark rides to global market
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