G1 Robot Systems

Multi axis manipulator - Fixed position

As with the FEC solutions, RoboCoasters G1- FLEX systems are already well proven in locations all over the world. As the name implies, the FLEX system allows a flexible solution to be built up for medium park capacities from 120 to 600 guests per hour, the impact of a series of RoboCoasters running together in either indoor or outdoor all weather locations is dramatic.
As the launch customer for the FLEX solution (Legoland flagship park in Billund - Denmark) will testify, the RoboCoaster medium park format has the capability to allow a mild ride for younger rides, whilst being able to generate a thrill ride for young adults, or even build your own ride in a pre-show area. The Legoland system for example has 1.4 million combinations of ride!

Available in 2nd Generation format in 2 or 4 seater units from the 2014 season onwards and working in layouts of 2 to 10 units, the FLEX solution is a the best way to formulate a state of the art attraction for any medium sized park. Check out the 1st Generation FLEX solutions currently in service around the world:


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G1 - Flex System G1 Braehead 02
G1 - Flex System G1 Breahead 01
G1 Flex Concept G1 Flex Concept