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Created in December 2000 and based in Warwickshire - the heart of England, RoboCoaster began as a vehicle to develop intellectual property around robotics for entertainment and leisure. The mission being to further develop recent advances in industrial systems and control, taking them into untapped areas of the leisure sector. Our aspiration was more specifically aimed at 4 distinct amusement industry disciplines:

  1. Advanced ride systems using industrial robotic manipulators
  2. Advanced show action systems based both overt and covert robotic articulation methods
  3. Edutainment systems using robotics and animatronics
  4. Specialist services to the motion picture & media industries using robotics


In 2001, having developed the initial IP, RoboCoaster licensed and partnered with one of the worlds leading robot manufacturers (the German company KUKA), and began the development of the original RoboCoaster G1. At the same time RoboCoaster and KUKA�s UK division set about approaching the London studios to test the idea of robotics in live TV work and motion picture projects. The experiment was a success on several fronts, with the worlds first industrial robot manipulator certified for passenger carrying operations in 2003, and several high profile motion picture projects. The first being the famous robotic fight scene in Bond 'Die Another Day', rapidly followed by robotic action sequences in 'Tomb Raider II - The Cradle of Life', 'Thunderbirds the Movie' and 'The Da Vinci Code'. Robotic support for the motion picture industry is ongoing...

In 2004 RoboCoaster joined forces with Vancouver based Dynamic Structures Ltd, which was chosen in 2003 as the advanced solutions integrator for further evolutions of RoboCoaster technology. Already a favourite of major clients in the industry, Dynamic Structures Ltd (DSL) are fully involved in several major RoboCoaster projects in the United States and Asia.

In the interim, the RoboCoaster team has now grown into a business supplying some of the worlds most exciting ride systems, fully capable of supporting key client projects around the world. 2012 was another significant year with the 200th RoboCoaster robot sold - as well as numerous other attraction concepts and systems.


The latest partner to join forces with RoboCoaster is Simworx Ltd. A leader in immersive and 3D Audio-Visual experiences. Simworx are ideally placed to further develop and integrate the latest generation of RoboCoaster Advanced Dark Ride technologies.

The RoboCoaster partners and rides portfolio now consists of a range of major new technologies, including Robot based Dark Rides, Motion Theatre systems, Automated Guided Vehicle solutions and advanced hybrid coasters. RoboCoaster and it's partners specialise in custom ride engineering and immersive media show environments. Be sure to check out our rides and technology portfolio in the Products & Services section.

Today, RoboCoaster along with it's Partners continues to develop and innovate new technologies, becoming the recognised engine for new ride technologies for years to come.

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